Implant Treatment

Implant Treatment
Implant Treatment

Innovative solutions to oral and dental problems are being brought with the developing technologies and methods every passing day. With Implant Therapy, which is one of these solutions, prostheses that will perform the function of the tooth are applied in cases where there is no single tooth or more than one tooth. Implant treatment, also known as root transplantation among the public, stands out with its long-lasting usage guarantee and durable structure. Dec. As it can take place at a single stage, more than one session may be required for implant application. The status of more than one session is determined by the dentist according to the course of treatment. At this point, you can contact Trabzon Dental Hospital Dekodent and get detailed information about the treatment process by creating an appointment.

What is an Implant?

One of the most applied dental treatments in recent years is implant application. So what is an implant? An implant, which is a type of screw placed in the jawbone, is used to complete the missing teeth. Fixed or movable prostheses are applied on these screws, which are an artificial root, so that the patient can perform basic functions such as chewing and speaking. In addition to being functional, aesthetically, when the discomfort caused by missing teeth is eliminated, the patient can continue his daily life in a happier and more confident way.

Who Can Implant Treatment Be Applied To?

Problems in terms of oral and dental health appear to us at any age. Especially young patients or patients who have experienced tooth loss with various problems want to benefit from implant application. It is important that the patient meets certain criteria in order to apply the implant, which is extremely advantageous both aesthetically and functionally. People to whom implant treatment can be applied;

must be healthy individuals over the age of 18.

It is necessary that the patient has completed the development of the face and jaw.

By looking at the X-ray taken before treatment, it should be made clear that the patient’s jaw structure is suitable for implant application.

In diabetics, it is important that the existing disease has been pre-arranged.

Patients taking blood thinners should stop using medications for a certain period of time before treatment.

Patients with bone resorption disorders can benefit from implant application after receiving the necessary treatment.

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In Which Cases Is the Implant Not Performed?

Implant treatment applied for one or more lost teeth may be inconvenient in some cases. Implant treatment is not performed in cases that may pose a risk to the patient. So, in which cases is the implant not performed?;

In cases that are at the stage of development and have not yet completed the development of the jawbone,

In people who have received radiotherapy treatment covering the head and neck areas,

In cases where immunosuppressive drugs are used,

In people with conditions such as hemophilia, uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure,

In patients with a smoking habit, implant therapy is not performed due to the fact that smoking delays the healing of oral wounds.

How is Implant Treatment Performed?

The implant process, which progresses gradually, is carried out professionally by the dentist, and the patient completes his treatment as soon as possible as the owner of implanted teeth instead of missing teeth. Stages of implant treatment; Examination and Planning: At the first examination stage, the necessity of treatment is decided, an oral examination takes place. Within the scope of the implant plan, points such as how many implants will be made, the condition of the upper and lower jaws and teeth, the structure of the implant and how the dental prosthesis will be determined. Implant Operation: During the operation phase, the dentist starts the treatment according to the plan. Local anesthesia is given to the area to be applied before the treatment. In accordance with the treatment plan, the necessary tools and devices for the application of a seamless implant or a stitched implant are included in the process. In cases where a sutured implant application will be performed, an incision is opened in the gum and the bone is reached. The implant is placed and stitches are applied to the open area. At this stage, a temporary prosthesis procedure can be performed until the patient’s recovery process ends. Bone Fusion Period: One of the most important stages in implant dental application, which has a success rate of more than 95%, is the recovery period. During this period, the patient can use his temporary prosthesis as his own tooth. On average, after the Deceleration period between 2 and 4 months, the other stage is started. Placement of the Healing Cap and Removal of the Implant into the Oral Environment: Local anesthesia is re-applied at this stage. After the first part of the implant consisting of two parts is placed in the jawbone, the upper part of the implant, called the healing cap, is placed at this stage. Of course, for this procedure, the first part needs to be wrapped around with healthy bone. Construction of the prosthesis: The last stage is the stage of making the prosthesis. At this stage, a prosthesis suitable for the patient’s oral structure is prepared and placed in accordance with the measurements taken for the prosthesis.

How Much Pain Is Felt When the Implant Is Applied?

The most frequently asked question among patients is whether pain or pain will be felt during implant application? Dec. is happening. Local anesthesia is applied to the patient for implant tooth construction, which is a surgical procedure. Thanks to this, the patient does not feel any pain or pain during the operation stage. Of course, it is normal to feel a certain level of pain during the recovery period after treatment. This pain sensation varies according to the patient’s pain threshold, and the healing process is bypassed smoothly with painkillers.

If Multiple Implants Are To Be Made, Are They All Done in the Same Session?

According to the treatment plan and the patient’s needs, implant treatment is usually completed in a short and multiple sessions. While more than one session is usually required for multiple implants, it is also possible to perform many implants in one session. In this context, you can contact Dekodent, which has expert Trabzon dentist staff, for detailed information about single implant construction or complete implant prices.

Is It Possible to Use an Implant for a Lifetime?

Implants obtained from tissue-compatible titanium metal offer a guarantee of long-lasting use, although there is no harm in terms of health. It is possible to use implanted teeth for many years with proper and correct care after treatment performed by a dentist specialized in his field. Many implant companies offer a lifetime warranty for their implants.

What is the Probability of the Implant Falling Off?

The success rate of treatment in dental implant applications is 95%. For this reason, the probability of the implant falling out is extremely low. Of course, this possibility is directly proportional to the quality of the treatment applied. In treatments that are performed with proper planning, appropriate measurements taken and the use of state-of-the-art devices, it is possible to say that the probability of implant falling is close to zero. In this context, you can create an online appointment on our communication channels for Trabzon Implant treatment, where you can get the most successful results.