Prosthetic Dental Treatment

Prosthetic Dental Treatment
Prosthetic Dental Treatment

Prosthetic dental treatment, which is one of the main branches of dentistry, is applied for tooth losses that occur due to various reasons. Tooth loss, which is one of the most important problems in oral and dental health, is an important problem for the patient from a functional and aesthetic point of view. In order to eliminate this problem and minimize complaints, a prosthetic dental treatment specialist applies appropriate prosthetic dental treatment to replace the lost tooth. Although the materials used in prosthetic dental treatment and the methods applied diversify the treatment, prosthetic dental treatments that can be used by the patient and are appropriate for his needs are applied. You can contact Dekodent Trabzon address for detailed information about the prosthesis application to be applied in place of damaged or lost teeth or teeth and for a prosthetic dental treatment appointment.

What is Prosthetic Dental Treatment?

Dental treatments applied in a way that does not distort the aesthetic image in order to repair and complete missing, broken, damaged teeth or teeth are called prosthetic dental treatment. It is important that the teeth are healthy and complete in order for basic functions such as speech and chewing to be performed healthily and flawlessly. For this reason, it is necessary to treat problems such as tooth loss Decently without ignoring them. With the developing technology and prosthetic dental applications suitable for the patient’s use, a healthy and aesthetic appearance is achieved by completing the missing teeth. In these applications, also known as prosthetic dental treatment among the public, it is essential to maintain the integrity of the mouth, restore the function of the teeth and achieve an aesthetic appearance in this process Dec.

Who is the Prosthetic Dental Treatment Applied To?

If early treatment of oral and dental health problems is not realized, negative consequences up to tooth loss are encountered. Prosthetic dental treatments are usually applied in cases where it is too late to save the tooth. In this way, functional and aesthetic losses resulting from tooth loss are minimized. So who is the prosthetic dental treatment applied to?;

  • Patients who have lost teeth or teeth as a result of untreated dental caries,
  • Patients who have suffered damage such as dental traumas or fractures and have lost their teeth,
  • In addition to functional losses, prosthetic dental treatment can be applied to patients who have aesthetic problems.

What are the Advantages of Prosthetic Teeth?

Problems experienced as a result of missing teeth can have a very negative impact on the daily life of patients. The prosthetic dental treatments developed in this direction bring many advantages as well as a healthy use. Among the advantages of a prosthetic Decongestant;

  • Speech, chewing functions are restored by filling the gaps formed as a result of missing teeth.
  • An aesthetic appearance is obtained as a result of the fact that all the teeth in the mouth are complete.
  • An easy use is provided thanks to the prostheses designed according to the characteristics and needs of the patient.
  • With the developing technology, a long-lasting use is achieved by applying healthy and durable prosthetic materials.
  • Thanks to the aesthetically completed teeth, the person continues his daily life with more self-confidence.

What are the Types of Dentures Used in the Treatment of Prosthetic Teeth?

As a result of tooth loss, various prosthetic dental applications are performed that will allow patients to regain their oral and dental health. These applications are patients, what is prosthetic dental treatment? how is prosthetic dental treatment performed? it leads to questions like. The method of application varies according to the types of dentures, and the types of dentures used in prosthetic dental treatment are generally two basic methods, fixed and movable dental dentures.

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Fixed Dental Prosthesis

Fixed dental prosthesis, which is one of the most preferred dental prosthesis applications, are prostheses that are attached by a doctor to the tooth by getting support from existing healthy teeth or implants. It has been called a fixed prosthesis because it cannot be removed by the patient. These dentures, which are fixed and glued with different chemicals, have a durable structure and are attached to the tooth using porcelain, zirconium and other metal alloys.

Movable Dental Prosthesis

Movable dental prosthesis are prosthetic teeth that the patient can insert and remove at any time. These prostheses, also popularly known as palate Decals, are usually applied to patients who have lost more than one and all of their teeth. Due to the loss of all teeth, the inward contraction of the lips and the loss of chewing-speech functions are extremely challenging for the patient. The movable dental prosthesis applied in such cases eliminates these problems.

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Implant-Based Prostheses

Over-implant prostheses can be applied to patients who do not have any teeth but who have the appropriate bone structure for the implant. Thanks to the implant application, fixed or movable prostheses can be placed on the implants. The main goal with this type of prosthesis is to ensure the retention of fixed or movable prostheses in patients who do not have any teeth. You can create an appointment for Trabzon prosthetic dental treatment by contacting us via our communication channels and get detailed information about the application.

How is Prosthetic Tooth Cleaning Performed?

Dentures, which are different from a person’s own existing teeth, are dental applications that need to be careful at the point of cleaning and maintenance. Regular and detailed oral care is a must due to the possibility of Decanting the food eaten on fixed or movable dentures between the dentures. For the prosthesis to be able to be used healthily for many years, not to be damaged and for an aesthetic smile, it is necessary to clean and maintain the prostheses effectively. Since fixed dentures are not removed by the patient, care can be provided inside the mouth by using appropriate brushes and cleaners when cleaning fixed dentures. In a mobile dental prosthesis, it is necessary not to keep the prosthesis in the mouth constantly, but to take it out at night to maintain and clean it. It is extremely important to clean the moving prosthesis at the end of the day so that the oral tissues can rest and prevent the formation of bacteria and fungi.