Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Treatment
Invisalign Treatment

That perfect and healthy smile, which is almost everyone’s dream, sometimes may not be possible for various reasons. Especially dental alignment problems can cast a shadow on a healthy and aesthetic smile. Although patients have a more aesthetic smile after treatment with orthodontic treatments applied for dental alignment problems, patients are looking for a more comfortable orthodontic treatment. The long-lasting orthodontic process is made more aesthetic with Invisalign Treatment developed for those who do not like the appearance created by braces and brackets. Invisalign treatment, also known as transparent plaque treatment, allows the patient to correct his teeth without understanding that he has undergone any orthodontic treatment. So what is invisalign, which brings with it many advantages like this?

What is the Treatment of Transparent Plaque?

Transparent plaque treatment (invisalign therapy), also known as radio-assisted orthodontics, is an orthodontic treatment method that allows tooth alignment and appearance disorders to be corrected using transparent plaque. What is Invisalign To the basic answer to the question, a treatment answer can be given using transparent plaque options prepared by 3D printers, as opposed to treatment materials such as wires and brackets. The transparent appearance of the plaques prevents the patient from feeling aesthetically uncomfortable during the correction of the tooth structure. For this reason, it can be said that invisalign is both a functional and aesthetic application for dental plaque treatment.

What are the Features of Invisalign Treatment?

 Invisalign, which differs from other orthodontic treatments in terms of the treatment process and the devices used, offers many conveniences to the patient due to the way of application. Decoupled in more detail, the features of invisalign treatment include;

  • It corrects the confused appearance of the teeth without the use of any braces.
  • Unlike braces, it can be inserted and removed by the patient.
  • Although there is no age limit for the application, it can be applied to both teenagers and adults.
  • Thanks to the designs developed in digital environment, the appearance after invisalign treatment can be examined by the patient.
  • Invisalign plaques are produced in accordance with the positions of the teeth that should be presented to the patient.
  • Each plate creates a movement of 0.05 mm.
  • Each plaque is used for 15 days and the movement of the teeth in the desired direction is ensured by moving to the next plaque at December intervals.

What are the Advantages of Invisalign Treatment?

Standard orthodontic treatments have some limited uses. However, in invisalign treatment, the patient undergoes a comfortable treatment process thanks to the easy use possibility. In addition to the aesthetic appearance of transparent plaques, the treatment properties that differ from other applications offer many advantages to the patient. So what are the advantages of Invisalign treatment?;

  • The transparent appearance of dental plaques is not obvious when viewed from the outside, harmonizing with the teeth. In this way, it provides an aesthetic orthodontic treatment opportunity.
  • Due to its structure, unlike the brackets applied on the tooth, it does not cause discomfort in the mouth.
  • It can be put on and taken off while eating and drinking various drinks.-
  • It has the advantage of being able to take a short break from treatment by being taken out on special occasions such as graduation, engagement, wedding.
  • It is an alternative option for those who cannot find time for treatment thanks to its sessions with long intervals December.

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Invisalign Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared for you the questions and answers about the Invisalign treatment option offered for those who have problems with tooth alignment and want to prefer an aesthetic method to fix it.

Is There Pain in Invisalign Treatment?

It is necessary to move the teeth at a certain rate to correct them. A low level of pain may occur when this movement condition is felt intensely during periods of plaque change. However, this situation does not affect patient comfort after the adjustment process.

Does Invisalign Treatment Affect Speech?

You may feel some difference in the habituation situation experienced in the first days of treatment. However, Invisalign plaques with a design covering the tooth do not affect the patient’s speech. After a while, its existence may be forgotten.

Does Smoking Turn Transparent Plaques Yellow?

Yellowing may occur on transparent plaques due to cigarette use. This yellowing can be noticed compared to the plaques of patients who do not smoke. However, thanks to the plaques that are changed regularly, this yellowing does not reach an uncomfortable level.

Is it okay if I wear Invisalign records only at night?

The answer is that one of the most curious issues is the time to install Invisalign records. In order for the teeth to reach the desired position, the tooth movement must be continuous. For this reason, wearing plaques only at night may affect the duration and success rate of treatment.